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Wedded Wanderers is a Travel Blog that provides information to travellers and documents our trip online.

It provides users with tips for travel and an insight into the life of a travelling couple with a strong multi-channel social offering including youtube, Facebook and Instagram.

My role was to design, test and populate the project. In the production of the site, I worked closely with web development to complete this project.

In the development of the project I looked at various competitor blogs, vlogs and social feeds as well as scouring awards sites in order to discover aesthetically pleasing clean and functional design examples for influence during the design process.

After the initial research phase I developed a core brand identity including a logo colourway, photographic style and font selection.

I created low fidelity wireframes working alongside the web developer in order to define a working design quickly and effectively. I then moved onto a high fidelity mockup in Sketch for the developer to produce. Working alongside development through the build process to discuss further development of the UI and animations.

Once the construction of the site was complete we set up various social channels to help drive users to the core site and provide a medium for the fast production of content.

The core site was was set up as a hub for all these activities to be displayed as well as the production of native articles.

The site was built using Craft CMS as this offers a great amount of flexibility and control for all the site admin.


What did I learn?

Content is king. From a design point of view, developing a clean aesthetic that allowed the content to be the real focal point for the user was the most challenging. There is a lot of content and making it as clear and easy to navigate was the most important consideration.

What was the most challenging thing about this project and how did you overcome it?

The hardest part of this project was managing the maintenance of the site, social channels and travelling at the same time. Organising a trip over so many countries and finding compelling content every day was the hardest part.

What part of the design process did you particularly enjoy?

Developing branding has always been one of my favourite things to do and this was no different. Building A blog Identity is vastly different from other recent projects and it was nice to be given a differing set of challenges to tackle.