Case Studies >Three

At AIA I got to work on pitches for various large companies one of these being Three. Three wanted to look at how to attract more STEM graduates to the company.

They asked for some ideas on a small update to the site and hand out collateral that could be used for candidate attraction at student fairs.

Jackson (Three's Muppet Mascot) Themed VR glasses could be given out and used on site to provide a virtual tour of Threes offices.

This would show the attendees of the student fairs where they could work in much greater detail than any description.

It would also serve as a fun take home gift once the virtual tour and recruitment pitch had finished.

Business cards would also be put into the goodie bag with a hidden URL on. This would take them to the careers site but also add a level of problem-solving to the item. Aiming the campaign at the inquisitive problem-solving nature of STEM students.

Holographic pyramids could also be used in conjunction with Jackson for fun videos promoting the campaign.

After the application process, a follow-up campaign would be initiated sending out furry Jackson themed envelopes.

These would thank them for taking part in the process and remind them that this shouldn't deter them from applying in the future.

There would also be a perkbox style reward voucher code attached to show the companies gratitude for the effort they put in.