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The Global Recruiter is a Magazine that focuses on the recruitment sector that wanted a revamp of its web offering to accompany the release of a new app for the recruitment sector.

The site itself had a large amount of information spread across various world sections and wanted a leaner UX that reduced the cognitive load for the user.

My role in this project was to design the look and feel of the site as well as developing a cleaner way of navigating the site. I worked closely with management and web development in order to reach the final outcome.

The first part of the process was an in depth research phase.

This constituted looking at other news publishers, competitors and existing trends. Followed by various consultations with management to settle on a style and layout that was appropriate

Once a pathway was chosen the challenge was then getting the existing branding to work within the new site design.

Previously the site had been very cluttered and didn't allow the content to speak for itself. It was a case of pulling back the dark and imposing colourway and reducing the cognitive overload caused by so much visible content.

Doing this allowed the content to take centre stage using the images as the main draw for the articles.

I created Various low fidelity wireframes in Photoshop and Illustrator for review. A final outcome was decided upon, it was then down to me to liaise with web development and advise on the navigation and animations for the site.

Although the final outcome was clear and works it was at this stage that various concessions were made on the design. This was due to limitations in development.

In hindsight more communication should have been done between design and development to discuss what could and couldn't be achieved.

Alongside the development of the site, we designed various collateral to market the upcoming release of the app.

Working with the app developer (Pugpig) I learned how to populate the new application and advised on the styling.

I then developed a workflow that integrated this population process into the artworking/publishing of the paperback magazine.

The project culminated with a launch at The Global Recruiters yearly event Recruitment Live.

This meant that all of this was being developed and created alongside the production of a multi-channel campaign for Recruitment Live and various other in-house publications.

The biggest challenge was managing all of these different projects at once, making sure they were completed by deadline.


What did I learn?

Juggling many large scale projects at once is a hard and difficult task but also one that can be fun due to the intense focus you have to find in order to complete them. However it doesnt come without its difficulties because you are spread between various projects it can be more challenging to learn a new skill or time manage resulting in longer hours.

What was the most challenging thing about this project and how did you overcome it?

Finding out that I couldn't implement some of the UI design I wanted was a blow.

I wanted to create a navigation that progressed seamlessly from section to section. However, due to development restrictions this wasn't possible.

After discussing this with our web developer a more simplified outcome was made. This, design worked but didn't have the Finish I wanted.

What part of the design process did you particularly enjoy?

My favourite part of this process was re-designing a site that really needed a refresh. Breathing new life into the old and providing a smoother interaction for the user.

Although the final outcome wasn't as smooth as I had liked, the process of developing the pathways was an enjoyable process.


During my time working with Kieron I was impressed by his ability and eagerness to develop his skill set and tackle challenges that were given to him. While he worked with us he went from a Print Designer who focused on magazine production and event collateral, to a Digital Designer. He re-designed of our website and improved our email offering as well as being there to help with the development stages of our App for mobile.

Gary King - Commercial Director of The Global Recruiter