Case Studies >Starfall mobile game design

The premise of this mini project was to brainstorm design and build a mobile game in 48 hours. After a quickfire exploration session we settled on a basket type game set in space and Starfall seemed to be an appropriate choice for the name as you would be catching falling stars. I had the sole responsibility of designing the look and feel of the game while working alongside a team of three developers and our project manager. We pulled some long shifts in order to create a working prototype that can be found at the link below.

play the game here


What did I learn?

It was great developing a product in such a short amount of time but there is no way it could have been done without the planning phases we put in. Also setting up the development environment beforehand is a massive time saver development wise

What was the most challenging thing about this project and how did you overcome it?

Time, coming up with a concept and executing it in such a short time was the hardest part of this exercise but it really helps to focus you and gives you a reason to push on through the lack of sleep

What part of the design process did you particularly enjoy?

all of it, the teamwork, the design, the vibe and the red bull that was seriously needed in order to pull us all through the weekend