Case Studies >12 Reps Social Campaign

The social campaign for 12 reps was primarily focused on instagram @12reps but supported by a mirrored facebook feed also. The structure of the Instagram homepage is to post two photo/video posts followed by an alternating quote or workout mix post. This gives the homepage a consistent feel but also provides the user with repeatable USP.

Many of the other PT pages offer good explainer/workout videos but I am still to find one that supplies its users with a workout mix on a consistent basis and in a totally saturated Instagram world finding a USP of any kind is golden.

This also bleeds nicely into activating the Instagram stories as the mix posts can be added to the saved stories and each post can be enhanced by utilising Instagram stories.

This is nicely accompanied by video content which adds a human touch because it provides a window into the workings of the company and adds value to the customers providing them with extra exercises dietary advice and more.