About Kieron

My name is Kieron Hunt and I am a London based graphic designer specialising in print and digital design. I love the process of design from idea all the way through to design and production. After attaining a degree in design followed by working in Nottingham for a while the buzz and the bright lights of London were too strong a draw for me to fight against and so I moved here in 2014.

I am a hobbyist photographer with a passion for physics and fantasy in equal measure. I have an obsession with learning how things work and then figuring out how I can possibly make them better. 

Ten years experience on a building site followed by 5 years of reinvention, perseverance and adaptation to transform myself into a designer has made me realise that I love this stuff, I live it, I breathe it and I have had many sleepless nights because of it. 

I changed my entire career so that I could work in this field and it is what motivates me to get up in the morning.

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